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UMC Cyber Campus is a service of the Clergy Lifelong Learning office at the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry of The United Methodist Church. Our office provides continuing education resources and guidelines for the professional development of Christian leaders.


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Leading Public Prayer for Lay Leaders

Prayer is something we learn; it is something that can be taught. For many, however, the only teaching about prayer they ever receive is modeled in Sunday worship. As a Lay Speaker/Servant/Leader you…

Congregational Song: Taize

Study, practice, and leading of the texts and tunes of various types of congregational song. Attention will be given to their use in Christian life and liturgy, both past and present. No prerequisite….

Intro to World Religions

An overview of selected non-Christian religions, drawing upon academic disciplines and primary sources from within the religions. The course also considers various Christian perspectives on world reli…

Leadership, Learning, and Community

The purpose is to explore teaching and learning in faith community contexts in a post-Christendom, globalizing era. Students will develop a clear theology and philosophy of transformative education an…


Study of the Gospel of Luke as a unified narrative in order to understand how alert readers might responsibly interact with this work. Students will contribute to the exegesis of passages through disc…

Mission of the Church in Global Context

This course will explore Christian mission in global context with an eye for its paradigm shifts. It will carefully examine the historical development of the missionary movement as well as the current…

Preaching through the Christian Year

This course will explore the historical and theological foundations of the seasons and flow of the Christian year and relate them to preaching. Students will prepare and present sermons for the variou…

Intro to Rabinic Literature

This course will concentrate on the literature composed and compiled prior to 500 C.E.: an initial encounter with selected rabbinic texts; a prologue to some of the major ideas at the center of these…

Learning videos, webinars, & media resources

the latest video offerings

Certified Lay Ministry: What Every D.S. Needs to Know

Discussion on D.S. and certified lay ministry- what is my role- with Rev. Myron Wingfield, Jodi Cataldo, and Rev. Kevin Kloster on April 26, 2016.

Learn about General Conference 2016, from the Connectional Table

The full series of #CTTalks can be found here   Rev. Dr. Amy Valdez Barker, Executive Secretary of the Connectional Table, explains the function and format of #CTTalks. The Connectional Table is launching a series o…

Called – Vocation Intro

We are all called to ministry. Each of us has a vocation. “Called: One Word, Many Ways” is a vocational discernment resource for locals churches to incorporate into their current worship and education plans to help parti…