06 Aug Bridging Cancer: Now What?

Bridging Cancer: Now What?

Completion Time: 3 Weeks
CEUs: 1.5
Tuition: $45
Instructor(s): Annette Arnold-Pflaum, Chaplain
Contact Info: Meg Calvin

Class Description

When you're facing cancer, it's important to seize each opportunity and gain every advantage you can. This continuing education course will help you be effective and efficient in dealing with cancer, whether it's you or a loved one who has been diagnosed. It will help equip you to navigate the challenges you may face and get the best possible care and treatment. The course book actually turns itself into a manual, which allows us to create some practical how-to with the goal of navigating the medical, emotional, relational, and spiritual challenges that cancer brings. It might not happen right away, but as you learn more, your uncertainty will decrease, your coping skills will kick in, and you will be ready to face this enemy called cancer. Students are required to have a copy of Cancer-Now What? by Kenneth C. Haugk, PhD. This course is eligible for 1.5 CEU.


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