28 Aug Common Worship: Tradition, Formation, Mission

Common Worship: Tradition, Formation, Mission

Garrett Evangelical
Completion Time: 5 hours
CEUs: 0.5
Tuition: $50.00
Instructor(s): Dr. E. Byron Anderson/ Ernest and Bernice Styberg Professor of Worship
Contact Info: Erin Moore

Class Description

Dare we think about “common worship” in a social context that more readily identifies polarization rather than commonality? For many in our churches, the answer is a straightforward “No.” Our age of specialization, niche marketing, and individual interest prevents any other answer. There is little room here for common interest, common life, common belief, much less for common worship. So why risk moving against these strong social forces? Why waste time and energy seeking what our culture says is no longer possible? Because a common faith requires it; because the persistent prayer of Christ was and is that we be one (John 17.11); because a broken church cannot repair a broken world.

The Intersection program incorporates lectures by and reflection with the distinguished faculty and guests of Garrett-Evangelical. Over the course of the academic year, faculty members present lectures to the seminary community and public on topics ranging from theology, biblical interpretation, church history, and the church in society. By completing a three-step CEU Lecture Program, individuals can earn 0.5 (half) Continuing Education Units for each lecture and associated activity. This three-step process is as follows:
• Watch the recorded presentation online
• Complete an assigned reading
• Write a reflective paper, which will be reviewed by a Garrett-Evangelical faculty member


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