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Coffee with Qoheleth: Ruminating Later in Life | CEUs: 1.0 // Tuition: $15

Completion Time: 1 week

After decades of life experience, it’s normal for us to spend more time reflecting on the life we have lived. Go deeper into this practice by comparing your reflections with those of Qoheleth, the author of the biblical book of Ecclesiastes. We’re all familiar with the “For everything there is a sea…

Writing for the mass media

Seminary leaders often are expected to write articles, columns, opinion pieces, blogs and tweets for publications that reach far beyond the campus community and past the people in the pews. Join presenters David Sumner and Holly Miller as they focus on the basics of writing for the mass media, inclu…

Master of Minstry

United Theological | Credit Hours: 36 // Tuition: $730 per credit hour

Completion Time: 1-2 years

Build on a previous master’s degree and gain a strong basis in theological education and spiritual formation in preparation for entry in United’s Doctor of Ministry program. * The MMin program is offered as an approved exception to ATS Degree Program Standard E, section E.4.3, regarding admission re…

Evangelism and Radicalization

Garrett Evangelical | CEUs: 0.5 // Tuition: $50.00

Completion Time: 5 hours

On October 19, 2015, the British Government issued a report that recommended mosques be closed by the state to avoid them becoming dissemination points of radicalizing messages. This was done in the name of keeping Britain’s “multi-racial, multi-faith democracy” safe. In a day when major nation stat…

Leadership Certificate

Centenary University | // Tuition: $895.00 per credit hour

Centenary University’s Leadership Certificate is designed for professionals in any industry who are interested in enhancing their leadership tools and skills. It is also a perfect introduction for individuals who are interested in attaining their MBA. Courses are eight weeks long and offered online…

La Iglesia Latina en el Contexto de los Estados Unidos

Austin Presbyterian Theological | CEUs: 5.5 // Tuition: $375.00

Completion Time: 10 weeks

Este curso se enfoca en los/as hispano/latinos/as dentro del paisaje cultural de los Estados Unidos. Ofrece una mirada al medio ambiente multicultural de los Estados Unidos, a la presencia latina (pasado, presente y futuro), y al desarrollo saludable de congregaciones hispana/latinas. Ve la iglesia…

Lewis Pastoral Leadership Inventory

Lewis Center for Church Leadership (Wesley) | CEUs: 1.0 // Tuition: $75.00

Completion Time: Self Directed

The Lewis Pastoral Leadership Inventory™ (LPLI) is an online course offered by the Lewis Center for Church Leadership of Wesley Theological Seminary. It helps pastors grow as leaders using 360-degree feedback from LPLI. This learning experience helps you interpret your personalized leadership profil…

Leadership, Learning and Community

13 United Methodist Theological Schools, Methodist Theological School in Ohio | // Tuition: $2043

Completion Time: August 25- December 15

The purpose is to explore teaching and learning in faith community contexts in a post-Christendom, globalizing era. Students will develop a clear theology and philosophy of transformative education and leadership, a good understanding of personal leadership and teaching styles, and a personal unders…

The Heartbeat of Leadership

General Board of Higher Education and Ministry | CEUs: 0.4 // Tuition: $50

Completion Time: 4 hours total (2:00 pm - 4:00 pm CT)

The Heartbeat of Leadership:  Strengthening interior personal leadership through techniques akin to spiritual direction.  How does your heart beat in strength of your leadership? There are two side of leadership: (1) professional leadership, which includes the “hard” skills and abilities of tasks, m…

Crossing the Bridge: Life After Loss | CEUs: 1.0 // Tuition: $45

Completion Time: 4 weeks

We all experience losses in our life: divorce, the loss of a job, the loss of physical ability, relocating from one place to another, traumatic injury, limitations due to age, personal bankruptcy, or business failure. There are other losses, such as the death of a pet, which are particularly difficu…

Constructing the Bridge: Loss and the Mourning After | CEUs: 1.0 // Tuition: $45

Completion Time: 4 weeks

Have you lost someone who was an important part of your life? Perhaps your spouse, child, parent, or close family member? Could it be a good friend, co-worker or neighbor? The loss that death brings is painful beyond words. No one can anticipate the emotional and spiritual agony that accompanies it….

Finding Serenity: A study of the serenity prayer | CEUs: 1.0 // Tuition: $45

Completion Time: 2 weeks

Do you find yourself struggling at times to feel peace? Christians are not insulated from all of the stresses and fears in the world today. Finding peace and calm in the midst of stressful living, both in our individual lives and in the world around us, can be a challenge.  Constant stress can sap u…

Five Day Intensive Workshop: Safe Sanctuary Policy | CEUs: 0.5 // Tuition: $50

Completion Time: 5 days

Prepare for your children and youth programs with this five-day online workshop for congregations that don’t have a Safe Sanctuary policy or whose policy is outdated, needs revision, doesn’t meet the needs of current ministries, etc. Participants will learn why congregations should have an up-to-dat…

Methodist Identity: Our Story | CEUs: 2.0 // Tuition: $50

Completion Time: 8 weeks

What does it mean to be Methodist? In a series of half-hour videos from leading Methodist scholars, Justo Gonzalez leads students through an exploration of the 18th-century Wesleyan revival in England and the growth of Methodism in the United States and around the world. Supplemental videos cover in…

Developing a Dynamic Praise & Worship Experience | CEUs: 1.0 // Tuition: $40

Completion Time: 2 weeks

Dynamic praise and worship causes us to be excited about going to church and look forward to every service.  Through dynamic praise and worship, we experience God’s grace, mercy, forgiveness, peace, hope, joy, and love. When a time of praise and worship is notdynamic, it doesn’t direct us to God, it…

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