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Women In the Biblical World

Methodist Theological School in Ohio | CEUs: 3 Academic Units // Tuition: $2,253

This course surveys roles and presence of women in cultures that engage and surround the ancient world in the Hebrew Bible. It focuses on laws, stories, and interpretive ways of engaging gender in biblical texts through comparison with other cultures. [3 credit hours. Instructor: Dr. Valerie Bridgem…

Bachelor of Arts in Management

Simpson College Online | Credit Hours: 128 // Tuition: $375 per credit hour

Completion Time: 2 - 3 years

Studying Management at Simpson College Continuing and Graduate Programs will give you the tools needed to be a change-maker in your professional career. We prepare students to be confident, results-oriented business leaders who are active contributors in their chosen fields and diverse communities….

Master of Arts in Christian Leadership

Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary | Credit Hours: 61 // Tuition: $1,620 per 3-credit hour course

Completion Time: 4 Years

Learn to lead with the online Master of Arts in Christian Leadership (MACL). The MACL program combines substantial biblical and theological learning with flexible leadership training for diverse roles and callings found both inside and outside of the church. Designed with the working professional in…

Coffee with Qoheleth: Ruminating Later in Life | CEUs: 1.0 // Tuition: $15

Completion Time: 1 week

After decades of life experience, it’s normal for us to spend more time reflecting on the life we have lived. Go deeper into this practice by comparing your reflections with those of Qoheleth, the author of the biblical book of Ecclesiastes. We’re all familiar with the “For everything there is a sea…

Master of Ministry

United Theological Seminary | Credit Hours: 36 // Tuition: $730 per credit hour

Completion Time: 1-2 years

Build on a previous master’s degree and gain a strong basis in theological education and spiritual formation in preparation for entry in United’s Doctor of Ministry program. * The MMin program is offered as an approved exception to ATS Degree Program Standard E, section E.4.3, regarding admission re…

Evangelism and Radicalization

Garrett Evangelical | CEUs: 0.5 // Tuition: $50.00

Completion Time: 5 hours

On October 19, 2015, the British Government issued a report that recommended mosques be closed by the state to avoid them becoming dissemination points of radicalizing messages. This was done in the name of keeping Britain’s “multi-racial, multi-faith democracy” safe. In a day when major nation stat…

Leadership Certificate

Centenary University | // Tuition: $895.00 per credit hour

Centenary University’s Leadership Certificate is designed for professionals in any industry who are interested in enhancing their leadership tools and skills. It is also a perfect introduction for individuals who are interested in attaining their MBA. Courses are eight weeks long and offered online…

La Iglesia Latina en el Contexto de los Estados Unidos

Austin Presbyterian Theological | CEUs: 5.5 // Tuition: $375.00

Completion Time: 10 weeks

Este curso se enfoca en los/as hispano/latinos/as dentro del paisaje cultural de los Estados Unidos. Ofrece una mirada al medio ambiente multicultural de los Estados Unidos, a la presencia latina (pasado, presente y futuro), y al desarrollo saludable de congregaciones hispana/latinas. Ve la iglesia…

Lewis Pastoral Leadership Inventory

Lewis Center for Church Leadership (Wesley) | CEUs: 1.0 // Tuition: $75.00

Completion Time: Self Directed

The Lewis Pastoral Leadership Inventory™ (LPLI) is an online course offered by the Lewis Center for Church Leadership of Wesley Theological Seminary. It helps pastors grow as leaders using 360-degree feedback from LPLI. This learning experience helps you interpret your personalized leadership profil…

Sacraments/Ordinances of Initiation & Eucharist

Methodist Theological School in Ohio | CEUs: 3.0 // Tuition: $2,253

This course will consider baptism, confirmation and communion, which were a unitive ritual in the early church. Biblical, historical, and theological understandings will be studied as the foundation for practice of these ordinances and sacraments in the church today. Prerequisites: CH501, CT549, HB5…

The Holocaust: Roots, Realities, and Ramifications

Methodist Theological School in Ohio | CEUs: 3.0 // Tuition: $2,253

This class will probe one of the most disturbing and influential episodes of the 20th century. In particular, it will discuss the theological and religious issues involved in this state-supported action of genocide, drawing especially on conflicts between Christians and Jews, and exploring lingering…

African-American Religious History

Methodist Theological School in Ohio | CEUs: 3.0 // Tuition: $2,253

An introduction to the development of religious movements and institutions within African-American communities, including moral traditions and spiritual dynamics. Attention will be paid to current problems and issues in the writing and interpretation of this history. Prerequisite: CH 501. 3 credit h…

Ethical Issues in Ministry

Methodist Theological School in Ohio | CEUs: 3.0 // Tuition: $2,253

An examination of ethical issues and principles arising in such ministerial practices as use of authority, accountability, truth telling, confidentiality, preaching on controversial social issues, cross-gender relations, and spiritual development. Prerequisite: CE501. 3 credit hours.

Spiritual Formation and Social Change

Methodist Theological School in Ohio | CEUs: 3.0 // Tuition: $2,253

Many twentieth century social activists have responded to the world’s need as a response growing out of their faith and spiritual practice. This course explores connections between a life of faith grounded in spiritual practice and a hunger for justice. In this exploration, we begin with the assumpt…

Introduction to Pastoral Care

Methodist Theological School in Ohio | CEUs: 3.0 // Tuition: $2,253

This introductory course in pastoral care is designed to acquaint the student with the biblical, theological and psychological bases for contemporary pastoral care. In addition to exploring models of the minister as coordinator, giver and recipient of care, the course will address personal, congrega…

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