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The Church and Counseling: A Biblical Perspective, Leadership Centers | CEUs: Yes 3 // Tuition: $125

Completion Time: 6 weeks

In this course, you’ll learn the advantages of church-based counseling, and the legal, ethical, and multicultural issues surrounding it. You will learn how to identify spiritual gifts in others, use the Bible in Christian counseling, and how to connect the Bible to everyday life. It will also connec…

Engaging the Bible in Rural Ministry, Leadership Centers | CEUs: Yes 3 // Tuition: $125

Completion Time: 6 weeks

The Bible is, in many ways, a rural text. It relates to people with industrial, agrarian, and small-town leanings. Even Jesus, often present in urban settings, teaches using small town and country metaphors. This course encourages participants to view scripture as a means of fostering new life and m…

Safe Spaces for Vulnerable Adult Ministries, Leadership Centers | CEUs: Yes 1 // Tuition: $50

Completion Time: 2 weeks

Do your pastors and volunteers work in pairs when they visit members of your congregation? Has an institutional resident ever tried to give you their offering? Who stands up for anyone being bullied? What are your plans for members with early signs of dementia? How accessible is your building? How d…

Theology and Christian Education, Leadership Centers | CEUs: Yes 3 // Tuition: $125

Completion Time: 6 weeks

This course seeks to engage the importance of theological education in the local church by working through both the various tenants of Christian theology and their influence and impact on teaching and learning in the local church. The course includes audio lectures, readings, course postings, a proj…

Teaching Biblical Faith with Youth, Leadership Centers | CEUs: Yes 3 // Tuition: $125

Completion Time: 6 weeks

When it comes to working with young people, the size of your tool belt matters. Knowing how much pizza to order for a lock-in is pretty important, but much more so is how to help the young people you care about understand and engage with the Bible – and this course will prepare you for that task. In…

Present at Jesus’ Feet, Leadership Centers | CEUs: No // Tuition: $35

Completion Time: 5 weeks

A Caregiver gives so much of their time that sometimes it is hard to carve out time to simply be present at Jesus’ feet. In Luke 10:38-42, we find Mary and Martha welcoming Jesus and his entourage into their home. Martha — being the perfect hostess — goes right to work, but then notices that her sis…

Go LIVE!: Streaming on Facebook and YouTube, Leadership Centers | CEUs: Yes 0.5 // Tuition: $50

Completion Time: 2 weeks

This course will explore the various new tools to “Go Live” on Facebook and YouTube! It will explore how to broadcast your worship service or live events. As the world evolves from the “Big Screen” to the “Small Screen,” we will also explore the theological and practical implications on how to conne…

Connecting with Military Families, Leadership Centers | CEUs: Yes 2 // Tuition: $40

Completion Time: 6 weeks

This six-week course will help pastors, church leaders, community leaders, friends, family and neighbors learn about military family experiences and discuss ways to connect with military families in their community. This course is for anyone who wants to support families of service members! Join us…

How To Start Serving People In Poverty, Leadership Centers | CEUs: Yes 1 // Tuition: $55

Completion Time: 3 weeks

Are you curious about how to serve the poor in your community? Are you eager to follow Jesus into places outside your comfort zone, but have no idea where – or how – to begin? In this 3-week course, author Keith Giles shares his own personal experiences serving the poor in Southern California over a…

Teaching and Leading Small Groups | CEUs: 1 // Tuition: $50.00

Completion Time: 2 weeks

In this interactive two week course, you will learn to lead and teach more effectively so that people you minister with better retain and apply the Good News to their lives. Whether working with children, youth, or adults, you will discover practical information based on current scientific and educa…

Faith on the Move: Materials for Youth Group or Young Adults Completion Time | CEUs: 1 // Tuition: $65.00

Completion Time: 6

Are you looking for materials for your youth group or young adult groups and having trouble finding just what you need? No program is totally perfect for each ministry location. Many times, it’s necessary to tweak existing resources — or even write your own because of budget constraints. Through thi…

Fun in the Sun: Summer Vacation Bible School for Adults Completion Time | CEUs: No // Tuition: $35.00

Completion Time: 5

You might remember the fun you had at Vacation Bible School (VBS), or heard about others who had fun as kids at VBS. Why not have fun as an adult? VBS isn’t just for kids! Adults can have fun learning Bible stories, making crafts, playing fun games, enjoying the songs, crafts, and hanging out with f…

Creating a Culture of Renewal

Rebekah Simon-Peter Coaching and Consulting Inc. | CEUs: 12 // Tuition: Varies

Completion Time: Varies

Creating a Culture of Renewal is a three track leadership program that accelerates church vitality and disrupts church decline by empowering church leaders–clergy and laity–to do the seemingly impossible with people who may not see eye to eye. It’s an award-winning, proven, and empowering approach t…

Bridging Cancer: Now What? | CEUs: 1.5 // Tuition: $45

Completion Time: 3 Weeks

When you’re facing cancer, it’s important to seize each opportunity and gain every advantage you can. This course will help you be effective and efficient in dealing with cancer, whether it’s you or a loved one who has been diagnosed. It will help equip you to navigate the challenges you may face an…

The Shattered Bridge: Healing After the Suicide of Someone You Love | CEUs: 1.0 // Tuition: $45.00

Completion Time: 2 weeks

A survivor of suicide is anyone who has been affected by the loss of someone to suicide; parent, spouse, child, sibling, or friend. Following a loved one’s suicide, many questions haunt the survivors: Why did my loved one choose death over life? Why didn’t I see it coming? Eventually survivors come…

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