12 Aug Creating a Culture of Renewal

Creating a Culture of Renewal

Rebekah Simon-Peter Coaching and Consulting Inc.
Completion Time: Varies
CEUs: 12
Tuition: Varies
Instructor(s): Rebekah Simon-Peter and/or Faculty
Contact Info: Ann Miller

Class Description

Creating a Culture of Renewal is a three track leadership program that accelerates church vitality and disrupts church decline by empowering church leaders–clergy and laity–to do the seemingly impossible with people who may not see eye to eye.

It’s an award-winning, proven, and empowering approach to self-awareness, leadership and ministry. Using emotional intelligence, you will master practical leadership tools to bring new life to your congregation. You will discover the vital interplay between interpersonal communication, group dynamics, and congregational culture. Developed by busy church leaders for busy church leaders.

Learning takes place through a rich mix of face to face retreats, podcasts, paired sharing, collaborative learning, online group meetings, field work in your church, a mentor for support and accountability, and a workbook designed especially for the experience. We’ve thought of everything!

(CEU's are awarded 4 per track for a total of 12 upon completion.)


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