15 Aug Creativity & Divine Surprise: Contemplative Creative Expression in Spiritual Direction and Formation

Creativity & Divine Surprise: Contemplative Creative Expression in Spiritual Direction and Formation

Garrett Evangelical
Completion Time: 6 weeks
CEUs: 2.0
Tuition: $300
Instructor(s): Rev. Dr. Karla Kincannon (Garrett-Evangelical Affiliate Faculty and Director of Spiritual Formation at Aldersgate United Methodist Church in Alexandria, Virginia)
Contact Info: Dwight Judy

Class Description

The spiritual journey and the creative process are full of mystery often taking unexpected twists and turns. Both lead us into places we never intended to go with surprising results. Examining the spiritual journey through the lens of the creative process moves us into the realms of mystics and ancient teachers of the Church by inviting a deep awareness of the Presence of the Holy. If you are ready to explore your own creativity for use as a tool for discernment, healing and reconciliation in spiritual direction/formation ministries, journey with your classmates for six-weeks of discovery and Divine surprises. Explore the connection between creativity and the movements in the spiritual life. Experience various means of contemplative creative expression as tools for knowing God, self and others. Experiments in creative expression will be shared. Participants will design a way to use contemplative creative expression in their locale. No artistic training is necessary.


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