14 Jun Culture of Generosity

Culture of Generosity

In Trust Center for Theological Schools
Dates: 07/25/2017
Tuition: $100 for members; $150 for nonmembers
Instructor(s): Aimee Laramore - Philanthropic Strategist, Christian Theological Seminary
Contact Info: For information about content or registration, contact Ann Marie Glanden at (302) 654-7770.

Class Description

Do you have an inclusive culture of diversity? As advancement strategists, we are called to eliminate a one-size-fits-all fundraising model, but that may require radical changes in how we understand philanthropy and transformative gifts.

Join presenter Aimée Laramore to learn about Black Philanthropy Month and how to align vision and philanthropy for a more diverse group of givers. Laramore is owner and lead consultant at ALlyd and Philanthropic Strategist at Christian Theological, which is the first seminary to offer a Ph.D. in African American Preaching and Sacred Rhetoric.

This webinar is ideal for anyone who wants to learn more about developing a commitment to generosity, inclusiveness, donor values, and gratitude.


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