24 Apr Doctor of Philosophy [Intercultural Studies]

Doctor of Philosophy [Intercultural Studies]

Asbury Theological Seminary
Credit Hours: 48
Tuition: $795/credit hour

Class Description

Asbury Theological Seminary’s 48-hour (plus dissertation work) Doctor of Philosophy in Intercultural Studies advances your knowledge in the theological, contextual, spiritual, and strategic literatures in the field of missiology. Students acquire a comprehensive knowledge of missiology as an interdisciplinary study combining approaches of historical, theological, sociological, anthropological, and evangelistic studies and practices. Then, they focus on one of the four concentrations: Contextual (anthropological) Studies, Development (including socio-economic and leadership) Studies, Evangelization Studies, and Historical-Theological Studies.

For more information about Asbury Theological Seminary, visit www.asburyseminary.edu or contact admissions at 844.GO.TO.ATS or admissions@asburyseminary.edu.

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