11 Nov Living Our Principles Ep1 The Natural World

Living Our Principles Ep1 The Natural World

Living our Principles is a series about the world we live in and an opportunity to find ourselves and our communities in the stories we see and hear.

Because all created things depend on a flourishing natural world to bring about abundance, we begin my asking how we are to protect life as stewards of the earth? Many of the stories presented in the film echo a profound, love and respect for the natural world. We meet many people who have gathered to protect their right to the land, and others who embrace creative ways to cultivate the earth’s rich gifts and resources. “The Natural World” looks at how in the face of nature’s turbulent change communities put their principles into action.

Each person is also created with sacred worth. Communities are tasked to care for the most vulnerable because each person is made in the image of God. Vulnerable peoples are often women and children. They live in poverty, and face instability and insecurity. This insecurity can lead to the abuse of drugs, malnutrition, violence, war, rape, human trafficking and other social ills. Individuals and communities nurture and support those who have suffered at the hands of others. This episode focuses on restoration and healing offered to the most vulnerable and the opportunity for renewed life.

Communities come together, to form partnerships to meet the needs of those who are most vulnerable in society. This episode begins by listening to those living on the margins to eliminate the prejudices our society perpetuates. Then, equipped with information, coalitions form to address the needs identified, and advocacy commences. Communities generate renewal as individuals gather and share their education, training and gifts.

Still challenges exist; the majority of the world’s people and nations live in poverty. This inequality leads to extreme vulnerability, insecurity, exploitation and oppression. These stories emphasize how communities and persons work to create a more just, stable society. This episode looks at the transition to a just society ensures that all persons’ basic needs are met, jobs are created, and opportunities are secured for the improvement of the quality of life of all persons in the world.

Finally, politics and power shape the world that we live in. People of faith cannot ignore the political arena. In this episode we hear from persons who chose to take public office because of their faith. We are reminded that people of faith are joining advocacy groups to construct a unified voice for social change.

Together, we see how people are living out their principles in the world today.

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