20 Jul Master of Arts in Christian Leadership

Master of Arts in Christian Leadership

Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary
Completion Time: 4 Years
Credit Hours: 61
Tuition: $1,620 per 3-credit hour course
Registration Adminstrator: charlotteadmissions@gordonconwell.edu

Class Description

Learn to lead with the online Master of Arts in Christian Leadership (MACL). The MACL program combines substantial biblical and theological learning with flexible leadership training for diverse roles and callings found both inside and outside of the church. Designed with the working professional in mind, the MACL gives students the opportunity to earn their degree without having to relocate and/or sacrifice their family, ministry, or work obligations. The MACL offers excellent academic training and practical leadership skills for those who have diverse callings and are interested in an integrative theological education that provides grounding in multiple disciplines. Combined with the hands-on training through the Mentored Ministry program, the MACL enhances students? proficiency in serving the Lord and leading others. Upon graduating, MACL students enter and continue in a wide-range of vocations including: Pastors (Senior, Youth, Family, Children, Worship, Executive, Discipleship, etc.), Para-church Leaders and Staff, Non-Profit Leaders and Staff, Marketplace Leaders, Community Organizers, Church and Ministry Leaders, Missionaries, Teachers.

Up to 67% (40 credit hours) of the online MACL program can be taken fully online. The remaining 33% (21 credit hours) can be completed through a combination of online course work and intensive residency experiences. Over the three-year period, a student taking two classes a semester can complete the degree having spent as few as four (4) weeks (about one week per year) in Charlotte, North Carolina or other designated residency locations.


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