06 Apr Practicum in Youth Ministry, Parts I and II

Practicum in Youth Ministry, Parts I and II

National Association of Schools & Colleges of The United Methodist Church, Southwestern College
Completion Time: 6 Weeks
Tuition: $930
Instructor(s): Varies
Contact Info: Lisa Buffum

Class Description

SMIN 596 and SMIN 597 Practicum in Specialized Ministry Part I and Part II. The practicum involves real work experience in a ministerial setting. Established practicum settings include working at the United Methodist reporter and the campus ministries office on the main campus of Southwestern College. Practicum experiences can also take place in other ministry settings. Practicums occur toward the end of the learners’ program to foster integration of academic material in practical ministry settings. Practicums require approval forms which include descriptions of the work, evaluation criteria, and signatures of the off-campus supervisor and the supervising teacher. Credit 3 hours each.


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