03 Jan PRE 401 Introduction to Preaching

PRE 401 Introduction to Preaching

St. Paul School of Theology
Completion Time: 3 credit hours
Tuition: $637 per credit hour plus student fees
Instructor(s): Saint Paul Faculty
Contact Info: Shannon Hancock

Class Description

This course offers theology and practice of proclamation as focused in the role of the preacher, the proclamation of Scripture in worship, and the genre of sermon/homily. Experiences may include written and preached sermons, faculty evaluations and Scriptural exegesis. Two hours will be offered as plenary lectures by regular faculty members. The third hour will be small group practice labs of 5-7 students by faculty (one each) and the adjunct instructors. The first session in fall 2009 will be team-taught. (Prerequisites: MIN 301, HBS 301, NTS 301)


For more information on Saint Paul School of Theology, visit www.spst.edu or contact admissions at (913) 725-8289 or admiss@spst.edu


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