12 Sep Present at Jesus’ Feet

Present at Jesus’ Feet

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Completion Time: 5 weeks
CEUs: No
Tuition: $35
Instructor(s): Harriet Wilkin serves as a Local Pastor
Contact Info: lisa buffum

Class Description

A Caregiver gives so much of their time that sometimes it is hard to carve out time to simply be present at Jesus’ feet.
In Luke 10:38-42, we find Mary and Martha welcoming Jesus and his entourage into their home. Martha — being the perfect hostess — goes right to work, but then notices that her sister Mary is just sitting at Jesus’ feet. In Martha’s mind, Mary is not following biblical custom and is annoyed to find Mary just sitting at Jesus’ feet.
But when Martha complains to Jesus about Mary, Jesus’ response is priceless: Jesus responds by saying that Mary is right where she needs to be. That ‘s not to say Martha needs to follow Mary’s example. Each woman has their role. Each was in the place they needed to be. This text is a good reminder that we need to find balance in our lives. Sometimes we need to be Martha and sometimes we need to be Mary. This Bible Study is about us finding time to be Mary during our busy lives.
This Bible Study has been designed for Caregivers. Caregivers are pastors, parents of those with disabilities, spouses, adults caring for parents and siblings, nurses, doctors, etc. We will be reflecting on scripture passages and taking time to be present at Jesus’ feet.
Come and join us for 5 weeks of being present at Jesus’ feet. All those who participate in this Bible Study will need access to a Bible and a journal book.

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