06 Apr Resisting Biocide: Environmental Ethics

Resisting Biocide: Environmental Ethics

13 United Methodist Theological Schools, Methodist Theological School in Ohio
Tuition: $2253

60% on campus
40% online

Instructor(s): Elaine Noguiera-Godsey
Contact Info: Lee Richards

Class Description

The environmental crises facing human communities worldwide present a host of difficult moral questions for the Christian life. The overlapping problems of ecological degradation, resource depletion, climate disruption, and more – especially in relation to those already victimized by poverty and other forms of oppression – require critical, systemic reflection as well as transformative changes within each sphere of our personal, economic, ecclesial, and public lives today. This course will survey key thinkers and themes within the field of environmental ethics, examine proposals for faithful Christian action, and challenge students to articulate a hopeful vision for discipleship today that accounts not only for the breadth of sin and evil but also the depth of God’s love for the world. [Prerequisite: CE501. 3 credits.]


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