12 Sep Teaching Biblical Faith with Youth

Teaching Biblical Faith with Youth

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Completion Time: 6 weeks
CEUs: Yes 3
Tuition: $125
Instructor(s): Lori Richey serves as the Youth and Young Adult Coordinator for the Timothy Circle at the Institute for Discipleship
Contact Info: lisa buffum

Class Description

When it comes to working with young people, the size of your tool belt matters. Knowing how much pizza to order for a lock-in is pretty important, but much more so is how to help the young people you care about understand and engage with the Bible – and this course will prepare you for that task.
In this 6-week course, learners will explore best practices for discovering and teaching the Bible with youth. It will cover scriptural foundations, gospel exploration, Biblical translations and interpretation, and methods for effectively teaching the Bible.
The course includes reading and reflection that will deepen your own understanding of the Bible and what it means for our lives today, video teaching and observation, interactive discussion with other course participants, and practical methods that you can use in your ministry setting immediately. We’ll talk about teaching styles and learning styles, how to choose (or write) curriculum, and most importantly, how to satisfy the yearning that young people already have to know God’s word more deeply.
Students are required to have the following books for this course:
The Drama of Scripture: Finding our Place in the Biblical Story, 2nd edition, by Craig G. Bartholomew and Michael W. Goheen
Teaching the Bible to Adults and Youth, by Dick Murray
Rose Book of Bible Charts, Maps, and Time Lines, 10th Anniversary Edition
This course is eligible for 3.0 CEU.

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