07 Aug United Methodist Deacons: 20 years of Leadership in Church and World

United Methodist Deacons: 20 years of Leadership in Church and World

Presented by: Various United Methodist deacons

Description: Since the United Methodist Church, in 1996, established two orders of ordained ministry–deacons and elders–deacons have been branching out into a variety of ministries. Whether they work primarily in a congregation or in a setting outside the church, they connect the worshiping community to the needs of their neighbors, especially those most marginalized. Hear inspiring stories from deacons involved in mission leadership, teaching, small-church faith formation, and community service outreach ministry, and how they lead United Methodists in reaching new generations toward the establishment of God’s realm on earth. This video will benefit those who appoint deacons, deacons’ ministry colleagues, and those who are considering a call to ministry and would like to know more about this opportunity.

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